19 thoughts on “Women Battling Illness After Breast Implants Urge Awareness, Education”

  1. I was all my life healthy útil 6 years after has the breast implant it start to make my sick 😢. Finally I removed it 2 weeks ago and I can see 3 symptoms are dessapair 👏🏼🙏🏻. Know I say to all the world please do not putting in risk your health with cosmetic implants .

  2. She got them in 2006. So not form stable implants, which have far less side effects. Form stable came out in 2013 in the USA.

  3. I got my cylicone implants 20 years ago and heve been very sick since lots of horrible painfull symptoms which have got to the point of unbearable my Dr is referring me to the NHS breast clinic please ladies don't risk getting them, they have wrecked my life im so very ill can hardly stand up. Wish I had never got them and now I can't afford to have them removed. I literally feel like im dying!!

  4. A small few? That's really underscoring the amount of sick women with implants. I'd say about 40% have symptoms…autoimmune, endocrine, thyroid issues.

  5. They didn't mention which implants were used. There's Gummy bear and Silicone implants that look more natural but have a lot of dangerous chemicals that can be harmful if and when they're exposed to our bodies and then there's Saline and Ideal implants that are made out of Salt water that are completely safe. I'm sorry for this woman but I wouldn't be discouraged by this video. I got Ideal implants and I feel great

  6. Of course Implants soon or later will cause some kind of disease in many women, its not Natural people…Implants are stranger in the body, that our body rejects normally.
    I agree with Implants in case a woman loses the breast for Cancer not for simply vanity!!!

  7. Drs don’t hold up their hypocratic oaths and lie because they all have each other’s backs ESP IN MY STATE!!!!! No insurance co will help us get them out and any Dr who says they’re not related to all of us being so ill is a damn liar!

  8. I had my implants 1 year ago and I have 0 problems! Don't make ne regret for ni reason pleasee thank you🌸✌

  9. I have had my implants for 4 years and since 4 years I have been sick every day. I get sicker every day. I feel like I'm no longer alive … that's why I'm going to remove my breast implants in 1 month … I don't recommend implants to anyone. please be careful what you do with your body

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