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How to get the best fit with Jabra Elite Sport

How to get the best fit with Jabra Elite Sport

Hello. In this video, we show you how to get the
best fit with the Jabra Elite Sport. A correct fit will give you the best audio experience,
and ensure that the heart rate monitor works during the toughest workouts. The Jabra Elite Sport comes with 3 sizes of
silicon EarGels, 3 sizes of foam tip Eargels, and 3 sizes of EarWings. We recommend that you try all types and sizes
of EarGel to find the best fit for your ear, and get the best audio quality. To change the silicon EarGel, gently pull
it off the earbud, and replace it with a different size. The correct size should feel snug and tight
in your ear. To change the foam tip EarGel, gently pull
it off the earbud, and replace it with a different size. Gently squeeze the foam tip EarGel together
before fitting it to your ear like this. The correct size should feel snug and tight
in your ear. We recommend that you try all sizes of EarWing,
but start with the small EarWing that is already fitted on the earbuds out of the box. To change the EarWing, gently pull it off
the earbud. Pull on the new EarWing and ensure that the
ridge on the inner lining is aligned with the tap on the earbud. This will secure the EarWing to the earbud
and prevent it from falling out during a workout. When worn the Jabra Elite Sport looks like this. Using a mirror may help with the initial fitting. You can buy additional silicon and foam tip
EarGels on Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

20 thoughts on “How to get the best fit with Jabra Elite Sport”

  1. bought today…terrible sound….used every ear gel…sound is only gut when i press the unit deep in the ear…….my 50 euro cable headphone sound way better

  2. I tried all the earwings but even the smallest hurt, and when i put it in my ear without any earwings it felt much better and comfortable, do you think that it will it be more fragile against the shocks?

  3. I really like the functionality on this but the fit is not very well executed. The tips don't fit in the ear canal so as to isolate external noise, but that's a minor complaint compared to the wings. The tips on those are hard plastic and inflexible, so even though the medium size one is the best fit, I can only live with the small one, which is not completely secure running outdoors, which is what I bought these for. Also, there is a noticeable seam on the wings that can be felt. Life is too short to put up with uncomfortable gear, especially at this price point.

  4. Just got these. Tried listening to a few songs on YouTube and the quality is awful. After having a look on Google in turns out that YouTube sound quality isn't great. I've tried Spotify free version and the sound is better than YouTube. I've now paid for Spotify and the quality is pretty awesome. So before sending your headphones back, try all the attachments and have a listen on Spotify premium, the difference is night and day.

  5. Well I’m done with all these kind of earbuds. My ears are fucking retarded. They are so different inside. Can’t use wing tips only the small one on right ear, but even with that it falls out after a few minutes. Left ear can’t use any wings and no size of the ear tips works in that ear canal without falling out… I’m stuck with over the ear headphones for life …. also tried Apple AirPods , my good worst thing ever tired haha. 🙁 hate my ears

  6. HR drops out too often. At hi bpm you might as well guess your heart rate. Sometimes it even drops out completely. No use if Heart monitor dont work as it should. For the same money there are better sounding headphones.

  7. First of all I’m not paid for the comment. For me I just bought this earbuds for a month and started to work out and running everyday since then. Excellent earbuds and apps really suitable for me. Then I sold my Bose sportfree and deleted all other exercise apps. At the end I have to thank Jabra for helping me to improve my health.

  8. Do foam tips from elite sport fit on jabra 65t?I'm having problems buying foam tips for my 65t as comply doesn't have a 100% compatible version.

  9. Jabra I need help! I just bought these and have tried all the gels…my left ear sounds emaculate, but i can't get my right ear to put out sound unless i manually press it into my ear. As soon as I move my hand its like the sound goes out and all I hear is the left side. I really really don't want to return these, so if there sis something i'm doing wrong, please give me some guidance.

  10. I forgot about the earphones and concentrated the whole video on the girl.
    Jabra should've illustrated a human head instead because Danish girls are attractive.

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