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Ear pain | especially when lying down | Raaztv

Ear pain | especially when lying down | Raaztv

From our body is a major part of our body, but the head is important for the body, and if any problem arises, it becomes difficult to make it difficult. It is very difficult for both people to suffer or suffer. As a result of earache, the membrane also collects the pain that makes it difficult. In general, every person’s ear matches a little. But sometimes the molecular mixture of the molecule causes cancer due to closure. Working in dust, coarse etc., mixing with dust, cleaning the ear, not cleaning the ear, eating food from bad foods, due to weakness and good mind, can be mixed in the ear. 1. Listen to different types of sounds.
2.There is frequent irritation.
3. It seems to be a habit. 4. Look at the ear at the side of the eyebrows, it looks melonous. * Clean the cleaning due to the uncertainty of the mail cleaning.
* Regardless treatment if it is due to cold fluid.
* Avoid applying any medication without consulting the doctor. * All the forces of childhood and childhood are in good condition, so the cleaning process is automatically occurring, but when the intestinal tendency starts, after the birth begins, every part of the ear and body needs special protection. * If there is frequent mileage collected from ear, it is better that the corrosion mixture in a hot water at any time and drain it. And clear the ears with rope.
* Avoid collapsing and do not go over in the sun. Be careful to avoid things that cause coldness.
* Use pumpkin, black, spinach, crawl and purple vegetables in vegetables. Please Like Share And Subscribe

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