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Disease! Crash Course World History 203

Disease! Crash Course World History 203

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  1. Biological warfare was actually used during the Turco-Mongol invasion which killed approximately 5% of the human population at the time. Which makes it the deadliest act of mass killing in human history. So yeah it could be the considered the most powerful force in human history lmao (side note: the amount of deaths also scrubbed about 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere)

  2. The European countries actually colonized Africa and colonized some of the countries such as Algeria for 100 years. So the European countries not just attempt to colonize Africa, but actually did colonize them for a long time.

  3. Based solely on the increasing redness of your eyes… how stoned are you during the production of these videos as they progress?

  4. i feel like John Green is Ava of his novel, Turtles all the way down. Afraid of even the harmless, and tiniest germ that may hit their bodies hahahaha.

  5. Diseases are terrifying! I'm glad I'm vaccinated and live in a world of modern medicine, but still sometimes at night when I think about this stuff I wrap the blankets around me tighter as some sort of protection

  6. To add to John Greene's mention of the Plague of Athens recounted by Thucydides and Livy's mention of 'pestilences,' there were at least 3 recorded devastating epidemics that reduced the population of the Roman Empire: the Antonine Plague plague between 138 and 150 CE (smallpox?), an unspecified plague brought back with emperor Marcus Aurelius's troops from a campaign in Mesopotamia, and finally Justinian's Plague which was first recorded in Constantinople in 536 CE and spread all the way to Britain by the beginning of the 7th century. Justinian's Plague, by modern estimates, wiped out 30% to 55% of Western Europe's population, which was already rendered vulnerable by constant warfare resulting in malnutrition. Justinian's Plague coincided with a volcanic eruption in Iceland which led to at least 18 months of reduced sunlight in Eurasia, crop failures, and further malnutrition and population decrease in Europe.

  7. History was never about human agency. It's at best an aggregation of desires leading to a certain outcome. Agency can at best help build up the systems in which desires can channel through. But once the system is is in place it's hard to break it down and start over.
    It's kind of like how life and the brain works. What makes up most of our lives is not projects and following through on plans but satiating certain desires. Emotions still win out in the long run.
    Which is why we're screwed.

  8. it is worrying to think ,about how dieseases can wipe out a whole country…big disease outbreaks that i happened to see was swine flu around 2010…

  9. about the beatles thing are you saying they are bad as much the bubonic plauge or is this in fame (look ik whoch one it is just pointing it out)

  10. I very much appreciate your videos and utilize them in our home education. Regarding this video's subject, I strongly encourage everyone to read the book Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Roman Bystrianyk and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.❤️

  11. 7:27 The plague doctor is inaccurate for the time. The iconic attire that we imagine when we think of plague doctors didn't exist in the 14th century. Charles de Lorme is credited for coming up with the design somewhere between 1619-1621.

  12. The picture at 9:43 when it talks about inoculation is actually a painting of Edward Jenner and vaccination (1796). You can tell from the cow in the background because the vaccine was derived from cowpox. Inoculation involved transferring actual smallpox from a diseased patient to a healthy person. They would get a less severe case of smallpox and still get immunity.

  13. "We're all gonna die of swine flu, just kidding, we're all gonna die of bird flu"

    Ah 2014 John Green, you didn't know it then, but we're actually all gonna die of ebola

  14. Fun fact – an outbreak of the bubonic helped Portugal to stay independent during the Lisbon siege by castille.

  15. And that is why humans will never colonize other planets. The air and water on those exotic planets will be toxic to us. Not to mention that even small changes is gravity make us sterile. Yippee!!!

  16. I don't like his assumptions. I've always believed that we are to some degree at the mercy of fate and natural forces. And that is not a new idea.

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