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hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching our video today this is not a tremendous amount of ear wax in this ear ear canal but it’s just where the ear wax is located we’ve got a film of ear wax that’s covering the ear canal wall and the eardrum so this patient has been experience you’re not paying but just some reduction in hearing so what we’ve done first of all is just spread a little bit of olive oil in here it just helps to detach the ear wax from the ear canal wall so I’m just going to do a little bit of gentle probing with the azan this is a finance honest we’re just going to try and lift the ear wax from the ear canal wall there you go just so I see it peel away the trick where this is to try and get away in one piece if you can so it’s a case of just gently peeling this down the ear ear canal off the skin underneath so what the patient will feel is a polling sensation no discomfort as long as you’re quite gentle and don’t touch the ear canal wall too much so you just you just start to lift this away again you’ve got to be so careful with this because we want to keep this as intact as we possibly can to stand the best chance of it coming away in one piece yeah just working that down the ear canal you can just see to the right of the fine and the eardrum underneath to is starting to peel away from the eardrum now maybe I can just see that the color of the eardrum underneath you can use the crocodile forceps now to get a grip on this because I can’t pull it away any further it’s gonna try and grip this out dissection first and lift or just broke away they were here on the outer part of the ear ear canal we got a bit more difficult to see use the standard end on those on and there we go a nice big chunk to work on so we’re gonna see if we can get hold of this and just from a little bit you know just pulling it away from the ear drum here we are it’s another piece don’t really want to work too closely with the standard size donor in here so very gently gonna grip on this ear wax you can see all pulling off the ear drum and off the ear canal walls all coming away in one long strip here we are and just take a look at that ear drum there you go nice squeaky clean ear drum underneath and that’s what we pulled away didn’t like huge on there but that was completely covering the drum in the ear canal so that’s what we sucked away in the tank there so thank you very much for watching again guys as always if you did like the video then please like share subscribe and take care


  1. Love your channel, I marathoned last night haha, thanks for uploading so frequently! Great work and a pleasure to watch!! =)

  2. I ran out of books so I'm sitting on the #1 Best Rated beach in the world, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, watching your videos. The calming sea adds a special effect ⛱🌊. My lounging neighbors now "dig" you!

  3. Hi Rhys,

    What do you recommend would be the best way to extract wax from the ear? Also how often would you suggest seeing an audiologist for wax extraction?

  4. So i have very small ears and they get a large wax build up often, but getting my ears is extremely painful, any reason why?

  5. Glad you’re posting again! Your voice is so soothing…I’m sure it helps calm patients down when you talk to them during the procedure.

  6. Awesome Work, Mr. Barber! It looked liked that procedure felt so good. …And too so much relief to your Patient. Another great video in the books! ✌😷💯

  7. Do any / all / none of your patients ever ask to see the result of the extraction ? I love the fact that you show this as most of the other similar channels don’t tend to which is frustrating ! It’s the most interesting part for me ! Love your channel!

  8. So may not be a popular idea but it would be interesting to see the removal through the endoscopic camera and then also a camera showing you doing the procedure after. Obviously some won’t want that just thought it would be interesting. 🙂 (would need the patients permission of course!)

  9. I can only imagine how satisfying that was, especially when you have such difficult ones usually. Great work!

  10. Your extractions are so beautifully and professionally done. You never let us down and I always come away with some dope knowledge about earwax extractions😊

  11. How do you learn to train to do this!?

    I could only assume that probing around in plastic/silicone ear canals of varying sizes is what people would do and you'd need one hell of a steady hand too, to ensure that you don't scratch or hurt future patients!

  12. Doc, simple question, probably you get his one a lot and have answered it already, but indulge me. How can we prevent the accumulation of ear wax should we use Q-tips should we not? what should we use instead? Thanks, doc. Great videos and i really like the commentary.

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